Dr. Anne White completed her Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD) at Five Branches University and her Functional Medical training at the Kalish Institute. She completed her dissertation on Menopause.

There are very few Doctors who have an OMD and are certified to practice Functional Medicine. This is important because it gives her an advanced edge. Helping you get better as quickly and as completely as possible is the joy of her work. Anne received her Master’s degree in Science/Chinese Medicine from a four-year master’s program at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco. She graduated at the top of her class.

In Dr. White’s words: Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite question was “why?”. I’m sure it drove my parents nuts! But I have always had a need to know why. I think that people need to start asking why their body is having particular symptoms. I believe it is so important to get to the root of your symptoms so that your body can heal itself and the problem can go away.

Having a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and being certified to practice Functional Medicine is very rare. I feel so lucky to have gotten the education necessary to really be able to resolve health issues for my patients. I do my job because I want to see changes and results for my patients. I want to resolve the “why” behind their health issues. I want for my patients to live the best life they can imagine for themselves. If the body is not working at it’s optimal capacity you can’t live your best life. When you optimize the function of the body, the symptoms go away and you feel great.

I love my job. It’s so exciting for me to see people’s symptoms go away so they feel amazing. I love helping my patients get back to running, swimming, biking, hiking, picking up their children or grandchildren or whatever feeds their soul. I love helping couples get pregnant. I love helping women get big relief from menopausal symptoms. It’s my goal to help people heal as quickly as possible. I am lucky because then my patients then refer everyone they know to me. This way I can help more and more people every day.

I have learned amazing healing techniques in my Doctoral and Functional Medicine programs. I utilize both medicines because every patient is different. Both Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine have been game changers for patients who thought they’d never feel better. I love helping people feel better than they ever thought was possible. I want for you to live your best, most vibrant life.

It’s my goal to always do my absolute best and to be the best for my patients.

I love what I do and look forward to meeting you.