Are you ready to start feeling better?

We like to figure out the reasons behind your symptoms. Do you have symptoms that are keeping you from living your best life? Have you been told everything looks “normal” on your blood tests but you are still not feeling good?

We can do lab testing to find out why. We want to know from a functional standpoint in the body why symptoms are showing up and why you’re not feeling your best. We then have very intelligent ways to normalize and fix the functional issues so the symptoms go away and you feel better again.

We have worked with many people who thought they had run out of options. They had been to Mayo and other great Medical facilities but didn’t see a change. This is because the underlying reasons hadn’t yet been addressed.  This is a whole new way to look at health.  When you solve the underlying reasons, the symptoms go away. One of the great joys of our work is to see our medicine help change people’s lives.

Because Dr. Anne has been trained in Chinese Medicine, she is easily able to see the underlying patterns which are causing your symptoms.  Functional Medicine uses lab testing to further verify those imbalances in the body.  She can talk to you to determine which lab testing she would recommend for you.