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Anne has a DAOM – Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Why is that important?  Because only a small percentage (around 15%) of Acupuncturists have their doctorate, it sets her apart.  She always wants to do and be her best for her patients.  In her Doctoral Program, she learned very cutting edge, effective ways to eliminate her patient’s pain, menopause, insomnia/sleep issues, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and many other symptoms in a gentle way.  Your treatment will be gentle and enjoyable.  Her patients look forward to their appointments with her!  Here is a complete list of what she treats: https://pacifichealthacupuncture.com/conditions-treated/

Education Background –  To sum it up, Anne has 6 years of Postgraduate Training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – a Masters Degree, a Doctoral Degree and is also certified in Functional Medicine.  She can take great care of you.

Education Details – Anne’s 2 year Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in San Jose, CA.  Her Master’s Degree is a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  That degree is Four Years in addition to her 4 year undergraduate bachelor’s degree.  It was completed at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.  She is also a Certified Doctor of Functional Medicine.

We have many wonderful Five Star reviews on Yelp which you can read here: https://www.yelp.com/biz/pacific-health-acupuncture-larkspur .  Or on the Testimonal page on this site.

In Dr. Anne’s words:

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite question was “why?”  I’m sure it drove my parents nuts. But I have always had a need to know why. I think that more people need to start asking why their body is having particular symptoms. I believe it is so important to get to the root of your symptoms so that your body can heal itself and the problem can go away.

I feel so lucky to have gotten the education necessary to really be able to resolve health issues for my patients. I love my job because I like to see changes and results for my patients.  I only work with patients that I believe I can help.  I want to resolve the “why” behind their health issues. I want for my patients to live the best life they can imagine for themselves.

If your body is not working at optimal capacity in balance, you can’t live your best life. When acupuncture and or functional medicine can optimize the function and balance of the body, your symptoms go away.

It’s so rewarding for me to see my patients’ symptoms go away so they feel good again. I love helping everyone get back whatever fills their heart and soul – running, swimming, biking, hiking, picking up their children or grandchildren, art projects and many more.  It’s my goal to help you heal as quickly as possible.

I use a very gentle acupuncture technique because I believe the body is very intelligent.  I believe the body needs to be gently talked to, not yelled at with strong techniques.

I wish I could re-name the instruments I use because they are the size of a human hair.  I believe “needle” is associated with large metal objects used to sew your pants or draw your blood.  My “needles” are 1/18th the size of the needles that are used to draw blood.  My patients tell me that they enjoy their appointments with me.

I take great care to make sure my office is beautiful, serene and healing.

I always want do my absolute best and to be the best for my patients.  I love what I do and look forward to meeting you.